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International Marketing Partners, LLC is a truly unique enterprise, comprised of a team of talented and tenured executives from backgrounds as diverse as retail, consumer packaged goods, advertising, promotion, distribution and entertainment. This dynamic combination infuses the company with a palpable energy that defines its flexible operating parameters and sets the stage for its future endeavors and corresponding sales growth.

The company was formed primarily to support its three major brands: Roy Rogers, Dr. Marty and Millfair Traders respectively. Naturally there are several complexities associated with each of the brands in our portfolio; however, three definitive one-word descriptors for each of the brands essentially proclaim the mission of the company: rejuvenate Roy Rogers; popularize Dr. Marty and proliferate Millfair Traders. Every decision that affects the company has its roots in one or a combination of these three words and helps the company to maintain its strategic course.

Given the inherent diversity and creativity of the leadership team, the basic three brands that the company owns and manages are complemented by a comprehensive services package that includes private label product development, consulting services, entertainment support as well as advertising and promotional guidance. This modified approach enables the company to broaden its reach and promote beneficial growth that aligns with its stated objectives and core values.

Core Values
Millfair Traders Millfair Traders

International Marketing Partners, LLC operates its business adhering to five basic principles:

1) Maintain a consistently high level of Integrity and Character – our business is a reflection of ourselves and must function at the highest ethical standards, showing respect, dignity and trust to our customers, our business partners and in all of our interpersonal relationships.

2) Foster an environment of Creativity and Innovation – the fundamental key to our success is to provide discernible points of difference between ourselves and our competitors and to offer our customers strategic advantages by recognizing and capitalizing on their inherent business strengths.

3) Cultivate an Opportunistic Style – recognize, understand and react with the requisite speed to rapidly evolving business trends, then develop meaningful, tangible and measurable solutions.

4) Approach every challenge with Flexibility – always encourage open dialog and feedback in all of our business relationships; be willing to listen, learn and align, then deliver in accordance with the spirit of the agreement.

5) Be Responsive – fully understand that concise, accurate and timely communication is the foundation of all long-term business relationships.