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Roy Rogers

The word iconic perhaps is used too frequently these days, but no single adjective more aptly describes Roy Rogers. Generations of fans lionize the beloved matinee idol hero from his many films and his television series as well as the incredibly large song catalog that features his signature “Happy Trails.”  At one point, Roy’s likeness appeared on over 400 products, making him the true pioneer of celebrity endorsements.

Numbering more than 100 varieties, the Roy Rogers brand is built around products that have very special characteristics, many of them crafted in small batches to give them a distinctive flavor and appearance. Take Roy’s “Campfire Cut” potato chips for example. Only the finest plump, fresh chipping potatoes are selected. They’re sliced thick and cooked just right, leaving the skins on to give the chips an extra crispy crunch. Then, Roy’s special blend of seasonings is added for an incredible taste unlike any other potato chip! All of Roy’s other products are made exactly the same way with the same care – we think that your family will love them all!
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Dr. Marty

There is no greater spokesperson for animal welfare than Dr. Marty, a/k/a Dr. Martin Goldstein, the renowned expert on holistic veterinary medicine and author of the best-selling book, “The Nature of Animal Healing.” For over three decades, Dr. Marty has been at the forefront of focused pet nutrition, recognizing that most diseases in pets, especially cancers, stem from a breakdown of the immune system. Dr. Marty advocates a healthy diet that consists of real meat and unprocessed natural ingredients; in other words, an integrative feeding regimen that brings variety and integrates a number of healthy foods and snacks into the pet’s dietary routine to insure a long and happy life.

Dr. Marty brand premium pet foods are the gold standard of pet nutrition. Specially formulated to address the specific needs of your pet’s daily diet, Dr. Marty’s products are without equal. Only top quality ingredients are used in Dr. Marty products; never any fillers or shortcuts. Just as important, Dr. Marty products won’t break your budget. So, there’s no reason to consider any other brand. Remember to feed your pet the best…Dr. Marty!

Millfair Traders

The company recognizes the existence of market niches for trendy, interesting and innovative products as well as the burgeoning consumer demand for exceptional value mainstream products. Millfair Traders is the company’s unifying answer to both ends of the spectrum.

Millfair Traders’ “Lake Effect” cocoas conjure up memories of cold, windy and snowy days when only a great tasting cup of cocoa could provide the special warmth you remembered as a child. It doesn’t have to be wintry day and you don’t have to be a child for that matter, to enjoy the silky smooth chocolatey flavor combinations that Lake Effect brings. Try our Salted Caramel or any one of the other five flavors today!

Greek Yogurt has taken the country by storm. If you crave the flavor, but want convenience, try new Millfair Traders “Greek Yogurt Chews.” Soft, creamy and individually-wrapped, they’re Greek yogurt-flavored candies that you can take anywhere at anytime. Try all three of our scrumptious flavor swirls: Honey Strawberry, Honey Blueberry and Honey Raspberry. We bet that you’ll love them.

When you see the name Millfair Traders in your travels, you’ll always know that you’re getting our best!
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