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Private Label Products

Many of the products produced by the company, particularly those marketed under the “Millfair Traders” brand are readily available for conversion to private label. International Marketing Partners is a member of the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) and routinely develops private label products for several retailers and manufacturers. In addition to its non-perishable food capabilities, the company also develops perishable foods, pet foods, health & beauty care products, nonfoods including laundry care and paper products as well as general merchandise. The company is equally adept at the creation of national brand equivalent (NBE) private label as well as premium tier or entry level pricepoint products for all retail trade channels. Rely on International Marketing Partners for quick and effective assistance with any of your private label needs.

Millfair Traders

Consulting Services

The diverse backgrounds of its leadership, many of whom have served previously as consultants, enables the company to provide a very broad array of consulting services to external clients of all types.  The range of assistance is virtually unlimited; however, the following areas have generated the greatest level of interest:

Brand Strategies
Retail Format Concept and Design
Product Sourcing – Domestic and International
Transportation, Logistics and Distribution
Product Development and Design
Systems Integration
Revive Dormant Brands
Business Development Expertise

Entertainment Support

The company often aligns product introductions to coincide with important entertainment projects. For example, International Marketing Partners was chosen to develop a collectible glassware set featuring the likenesses of eight prominent military leaders from the Union and the Confederacy to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the U.S. Civil War.  The timing was especially right for the company to actively market the glassware sets capitalizing on the box office success tied to the theatrical release “Lincoln” as well as the book “Killing Lincoln” that has topped the New York Times bestseller list for more than a year. Public interest in the Civil War era and its historical relevance is at its apex and likely will continue through 2015.  If you have a similar need or any project tied to entertainment, then International Marketing Partners is always your best choice.

Civil War Collectible Glassware

Advertising and Promotional Support

Through its vast network of business relationships, the company specializes in establishing synergistic partnerships between non-competing companies. International Marketing Partners can facilitate introductions that enable your company to partner with corporations, associations or non-profit organizations. Many large corporations, including the big three U.S. automakers for instance, regularly seek promotional tie-ins for their respective dealer networks. Your product or service might be conducive to integration into their promotional plans and could create a flurry of consumer awareness that, in turn, jumpstarts your sales. Literally thousands of opportunities similar to this exist and International Marketing Partners is ready to help your business reach new heights.

The company has a lengthy history in advertising with incomparable creative acumen. In addition to having the internal resources to design and develop its own packaging as well as peripheral marketing materials, our creative team is available to provide the requisite insight and guidance to make your next project a bona fide success. Whether it is a print project, such as a full-page magazine layout or assistance with a product introduction, or any kind of broadcast need, from writing to final production to media planning, International Marketing Partners should always be your first call.